The History of the BPA Wisconsin Association

2018 - One More Step

- Officer Team: Sara Niederfeld (President), Libby Dannhoff (Vice President), Kelly Jo Hengst (Secretary), Kathryn Dennis (Communications Officer), Michele Kelly (Marketing Officer), Shane Adams (Parliamentarian)

- The Wisconsin BPA Constitution and Appendixes were updated.

2017 - Endless Opportunities

- Officer Team: Thomas Oreskovic (President), Kelly Jo Hengst (Vice President), Sara Niederfeld (Secretary), Libby Dannhoff (Communications Officer), Joel Heaberlin (Marketing Officer)

- John Ross stepped down as State Director at the end of the National Leadership Conference after over 30 years of service.

- Joann Gillis stepped down as State Officer Coordinator.

- Scott Elza stepped in as State Director.

- Wisconsin took home The Professional Cup at NLC. In 2020, The Professional Cup will retire in Wisconsin.

2016 - Unlock Your Future

Officer Team: Tonya Schumacher - NWTC Green Bay (President), Joel Heaberlin - BTC Janesville (Vice President), Sarah Reas - WITC New Richmond (Communications Officer), Rebecca Gagnon - LTC Cleveland (Marketing Officer), Thomas Oreskovic - NWTC Green Bay (Parliamentarian)

- Wisconsin took  home The Professional Cup at NLC.

- In August, a new Business Professionals of America - Wisconsin Association website was launched.

2015 - Dare to Achieve

Officer Team:  Tonya Schumacher - NWTC Green Bay (President), Holly Anderson - GTC Elkhorn (Vice President), Brianna Sprague - LTC Cleveland (Secretary), Cathy Mianecki (Communications Officer), Greg Pitner (Marketing Officer/Parliamentarian)

- Wisconsin took home The Professional Cup at NLC.

2014 - Living the Legacy

Officer Team: Brooke Shefchek - NWTC Green Bay (President), Mark Short - GTC Kenosha (Vice President), Sheila L. Wilcox - WITC Ashland (Secretary), Holly Anderson - GTC Elkhorn (Communications Officer), Cindy Zakovec (Parliamentarian)

February 22, 2014:
- Wisconsin Association 50th Anniversary celebrated at Lambeau Field Atrium.
- John Ross's 30 Year Anniversary in serving Business Professionals of America: Wisconsin Association.
- Michael Tokheim received the Honorable Lifetime Membership Award.

- Wisconsin took home The Professional Cup at NLC.

2013 - Stairway to Success

- Officer Team: Vicky Hunter - Nicolet College (President), Courtney Masrud - WITC Rice Lake (Vice President), Stacy Dayton - Madison College (Secretary). Brooke Shefchek - NWTC Green Bay (Communications Officer), Amanda Heller - WITC Rice Lake (Marketing Officer)

-In September, the official Business Professionals of America - Wisconsin Association website is relaunched ( 

2012 - Rise to the Challenge

- Officer Team: Cindy Aherns - WITC Rice Lake (President), Rick Kramer - NWTC Green Bay (Vice President), Vicky Hunter - Nicolet College (Secretary/Parlimentarian), Amanda Heller - WITC Rice Lake (Communications Officer), Raelynn Wentz - LTC - Cleveland (Marketing Officer)

2011 - Unleash Your Potential

Officer Team: Jordyn Bruesewitz - Nicolet College (President), Arturo Schwencke - CVTC Eau Claire (Vice President), Roxanne Garrou - Nicolet College (Secretary), See Lo - NWTC Green Bay (Communications Officer), Patricia Roettger - WITC New Richmond (Marketing Officer), Lowell Setterlund - WITC New Richmond (Parliamentarian)

-In June, the Wisconsin Association newsletter, originally named Yesterday & Today, was changed to Wisconsin Pages

Construction began on Business Professionals of America, Wisconsin Association's website (
The organizations's BPA Pledge was changed to the following: "We are met in a spirit of friendship and goodwill as we prepare for careers in a world-class workforce.  We work together to develop professionalism and leadership through Business Professionals of America and pledge our loyalty to our nation.”

The Office Education Association (OEA) officially became Business Professionals of America.


The first National Leadership Conference was held at American Baptist Assembly in Green Lake, WI.

In July, the Vocational Office Education Clubs of America (VOECA) was formed by the states of Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin. In August, VOECA convened a meeting of youth group representatives to decide the most effective means to implement the office occupations youth group. After intensive effort, articles of incorporation were filed for the Office Education Association (OEA). The first three states to affiliate were Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin.