Recruiting New Members
From the Wisconsin Association Executive Board


First and foremost, the most effective recruiter is the student.  Advisors can give testimonials and critical evidence of the benefits of Business Professionals of America participation, but in the end, the student is by far the best advocate for membership growth.

Local Campus Club Expos:

Several schools around Wisconsin hold an annual student organization event at the beginning of every year. These are usually held as an all-campus event, where students have the opportunity to talk with club members stretching over all degrees. This is a great opportunity to gain new members and is usually coordinated by the Student Involvement Office at different colleges.

Classroom Visits:

Visiting the business program classrooms is another effective way to get the word out. Of course, as mentioned before, the most effective visitors are the students. Many chapters have set up classroom visits, with both students and advisors attending, when possible. This provides students an opportunity to recruit new members but to also network with other students and to practice their public speaking/presentation skills.

Kick-Off Meeting with Free Food:

The basic premise on this one is, as you suspected, is to get student traffic by luring them with free food; usually pizza. Advertising this event is critical; your chapter will need to make flyers, create table tents, and put the event details on the school announcement TVs to ensure participation. This meeting is a great time to get the interested students plugged in and to contact information for meeting updates/club opportunities/etc.

Flexibility with Members:

With our new format State Leadership Conference, students have the ability to participate without physically attending if they wish. This change has opened many doors to new members. We need to accept that our students are faced with maintaining a work/life/school balance and try to fit the mold to the student’s schedule, not vise-versa. By being flexible with the students it enables more students to participate and gain our goal of grooming leadership skills, confidence, and community service.

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